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Custom molded foam

Custom molded polyurethane foam for a variety of applications

molded in any contour

Polyurethane is a versatile material that can be molded to nearly any shape, making it useful for endless applications.

When most people think about polyurethane foam, they think of the cushions in their chairs or car seats, but that is only one kind of polyurethane - flexible foam - and only one way that polyurethane can be used.

Self-skinning polyurethane foam is cushiony on the inside, tough and resilient on the outside, making it a great choice for athletic applications like balls, handles and grips, yard markers, tackling dummies, and bench cushions.

Energy absorbing foam is used in vehicle applications to protect passenger compartments from the force of collisions. EA foam absorbs the sudden energy and crushes, taking the brunt of force before it reaches the passenger compartment.

Rigid polyurethane foam can be used to fill space and provide structural support in vehicle pillars, while adding little weight. Rigid foam can also be used in floors and panels in temporary housing structures,

Polyurethane parts are great for a variety of uses. Select the right material for your application and we will put our expertise as both a formulator and a molder to work for you.

Our testing labs perform flammability, durometer, density, and other testing to ensure consistent conformity to your specifications.

We will handle tooling development - and check out our foam prototyping capabilities!

Type of Foam



Provides cushioning and comfort, great for any seating application. Automotive, trucking, lawn & garden, industrial, marine, furniture, military, medical, and sports and recreation applications.

More about flexible seating foam

Rigid or structural

Provides structural integrity in a variety of applications.

Honeycomb panels reinforced with structural foam provide superior strength and low weight for vehicle, construction/housing and dunnage applications.

Structural foam technical bulletin

Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) dampening acoustic foam

Stop squeaks, rattles and other noises from reaching the passenger compartment with custom-molded acoustic foam. NVH foam custom molded to any shape dampens engine and road noise to provide a quiet and luxurious ride.

NVH foam technical bulletin

Integral Skin (IS)

Often used in athletic equipment and office seating applications, integral skin foam is flexible on the inside and tough on the outside. Also used for door handles and grips, integral skin polyurethane is resilient and can provide a luxurious look and feel.

'Slow Recovery' or 'Memory' Foam

You've seen it advertised as 'space age foam' on TV: visco-elastic foam is used as a comfort layer on top of mattresses, pillows and wheelchairs to reduce pressure points.

Elastomeric/ Microcellular Polyether and Polyester

Elastomeric/ microcellular polyether and polyester polyurethane is used for applications where parts need to retain their resiliency in a variety of conditions. This type of material is suitable for shoe soles, sporting goods (e.g., baseballs) and gaskets, for example.

Energy absorbing (EA)

A very light weight, low density foam, EA foam is often used to provide energy absorption and dissipation around vehicle passenger compartments. EA foam also provides sound dampening.

Another type of energy absorbing foam is designed for use in athletic equipment. In this application, foam is flexible and resilient, bouncing back after repeated abuse (for example, when used in tackling dummies.)

Energy absorbing foam technical bulletin


We serve your industry:

  • Automotive
  • Sports and recreation
  • Medical
  • Defense / military
  • Lawn and power equipment
  • Marine
  • Recreational vehicle
  • Heavy duty construction, trucking, and agricultural equipment
  • Industrial

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