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October 25, 2013

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February 4, 2013

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February 4, 2013

Resseguie re-invigorates
Renosol Bay City operation

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June 29, 2010 – A major revitalization is underway at Renosol Corporation’s Bay City, Michigan, manufacturing site. Dennis Resseguie, Plant Manager, has expanded operations by 15,800 square feet, reorganized and streamlined operations, and has introduced new processing capabilities.

A co-tenant of Renosol, which had shared Renosol space at 691 River Road in Bay City, relocated in 2009 and terminated its lease. Resseguie used this opportunity to improve the exterior of the property, add break room accommodations for Renosol employees, refurbish office areas, re-configure manufacturing processes, purchase production equipment and pave driveways and the parking lot.

Several equipment purchases give Renosol added capacity and manufacturing flexibility. Renosol molds many different polyurethane products, each of which requires different polyurethane foams, with discrete processing parameters. Renosol now has the capability of manufacturing a wider variety of polyurethane products, from flexible foam to rigid foam (including honeycomb materials) integral skin products, energy absorbing foam, structural foam and high durometer and density dunnage foams.

The expansion also allowed for the recent addition of plastisol compounding capability in Bay City, bringing this operation in closer proximity to Renosol customers. Renosol Corporation has custom-formulated plastisol compounds since its formation in 1981, and has unique color-matching capabilities for critical automotive industry standards.

Resseguie has proven adept at utilizing the broad range of talents found among his Bay City team: renovations to the office area were completed entirely with Renosol personnel. Bay City’s engineering expertise is creative in its solutions through the use of the extraordinary imaginations of his employees: his team – in addition to their normal manufacturing duties – not only re-configured the manufacturing operations, they routinely refurbish and build specialized production machinery from the floor up.

Says Resseguie, “I marvel at my team’s creativity and energy every day. Our production staff is as solid as they come. We don’t have turnover problems, and we don’t have quality issues at our customers’ facilities. My technical team knows its business and has lots of experience in manufacturing. The engineering team is by far the most creative I have worked with. These guys can design a production line and then go out and build it.”

In 1998, after studying manufacturing engineering at Central Michigan University, Resseguie met Warren Wright, President and acting plant manager of Renosol’s Farwell, Michigan, facility. Wright offered Resseguie the position of Industrial Engineer for a major production start-up. Resseguie accepted. Resseguie was quickly promoted to Operations Manager, then to Plant Manager of the Bay City operation in 2005. Today – 10 years after joining Renosol – Resseguie still exudes enthusiasm about his career at Renosol.

“Renosol gives me the pleasure of working for an organization that treats you like family. During the last ten years, I’ve seen Renosol make sacrifices to keep its family together during difficult times. That drives all of us to stay focused and work smarter,” said Resseguie.

Resseguie is an avid outdoorsman and, depending on the time of year, you might find him walleye fishing with his nephew on Houghton Lake or archery hunting elk in Colorado. “I grew up in Northern Michigan and that experience nurtured my love for the outdoors. I knew early on that I wanted to stay in Michigan, and if I was going to do that, I would have to find a solid career that flourished in Michigan.”

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